What Does Clarity Offer?

To put it simply: Clarity Hearing offers Understanding.

Kimberly believes that Understanding comes from knowledge and that knowledge is power.

Kimberly’s goal is to empower you.

Your time and independence are valuable, and that should be respected. She gives you the tools and education to be in control of your hearing health, not reliant on others all the time. Kimberly will educate you on what you can expect for the future of your hearing health and home care for your hearing device. She will ask about what is important to you and find a way to get the best outcome for those goals. She empowers you with counseling, with honest and thorough discussions about your hearing level, speech recognition levels, and what devices would best suit YOU.

When you come in for your first appointment . . .

Kimberly will explain the tests she will be administering and what their purpose is. After the tests, She will go over your results and explain what those numbers mean. You will talk together about what your unique hearing environments are like. She will listen to what your needs are, your concerns, what you are looking for, and what device features are important to you. Kimberly will explain how your insurance coverage will work with the different options available to you and will talk about what will suit you best. Then she will start the hearing aid selection and fitting process. This will begin with what your insurance will cover fully and then work down the line from least expensive to the least covered, so you know ALL of your options. Kimberly will even teach you how to use and care for your device on your own.

Then, you take it home to try in your everyday environment, for free.

You have follow-up visits each week during this three week trial period to discuss how it is working for you and make any adjustments as needed. Then, and only then, is payment addressed. You ALWAYS try before you buy. There is no complicated return/exchange policy during the trial period. If it’s not working out, you can bring it back. No exceptions.

Kimberly believes in giving you not only what you need but making sure that it’s what you want. Your hearing aid should be something that you are comfortable with wearing every day. It should be something that you feel good about and enjoy the benefits of. It should never feel like a burden. You should feel confident in knowing you made the right choice – in your hearing aid and your provider.

That is why Clarity Hearing guarantees that you will never have any questions unanswered. You will always know what to expect.
Most of all . . . 

Kimberly will make sure you have Understanding.

Because Understanding Matters.