Senior accessing online healthcare on mobile phone

An Update during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

I have been committed to providing the most compassionate care to my patients for over 28 years. Now, more than ever, that devotion to doing what is right and best for my patients is paramount. Because of the risk that COVID-19 presents to the population at large, and in light of recommendations from the CDC, World Health Organization, and state and local officials, Clarity Hearing has decided to close our offices until further notice.

However, “closed” simply means we are not providing face-to-face care at this time. We believe the risk to our patients and our community is too high. The health and safety of each of you, your families, and our staff is our topmost priority.

We will continue to be available remotely via email or by phone to assist you with questions, supplies, or repairs. We will always find a way to help you in the best possible manner and meet your individual needs as they arise.

Despite the uncertainty we all currently face amid this virus, we are continually devoted to taking care of our patients and doing what is right above all else. We thank you for your continued support and remain deeply honored by your trust in us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay strong.

Kimberly Felder

Clarity Hearing