Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what our clients have to say:

Kim is warm, friendly, and very patient. My Mother is 97 and her hearing issues have been so very difficult. We have struggled to find solutions for many years. Kim worked so very hard to give her the best possible outcome. It has been a great improvement all the way around. Her knowledge of products and the individuals needs her patients are very important to her. My Mom just lights up if I even mention going to visit her.

Thank you Kim for improving my Moms quality of life and your kindness toward her.

Melodie & Wanda

June 2022

I first went to Clarity Hearing thinking they were tied to a company I was working with online. Yes, one of those gimmick places. Am I ever thankful my hearing test was scheduled at Clarity Hearing and perhaps not somewhere else! Kimberly Felder, HIS was very kind in giving me and my husband the honesty I deserve as a paying customer anywhere. After spending the original appointment time (free of charge) with me, answering all of our questions fully and honestly, I knew it was not a good idea to get hearing aids from a company with which I only dealt through the computer. #1 reason was any difficulty I would have to be handled in a local place of business with additional charges incurred by me. This is something the online companies don’t share. My following appointment resulted in complete confidence the hearing aid products I received were really what I needed. The facility is well maintained with the cleanliness inside and out. I am so glad my hearing is improved as a result of Clarity Hearings’ great guidance and care.

Candee S.

Disputanta, VA

February 2022

As an aging retired male, I never wanted to admit that I needed a hearing aid. After speaking with Kimberly, she was so informative, helpful, and understanding. I had a million questions and she was very patient to answer them all to my satisfaction. I left feeling confident and educated. I am enjoying a lot of what I was missing before. Thank you very much, Kimberly and Clarity hearing The transition has been wonderful!


Hayes, VA

May 2021

Kimberly was very prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. It was amazing watching her work magic for my mom. I highly recommend her for your hearing aid needs.


Newport News, VA

January 2021

     I met Kimberly about 10 years ago; I went for a free hearing test; I was 60. My hearing had deteriorated from me working construction (jackhammers etc.) in my youth, attending loud indoor and outdoor concerts, and working around printing presses for several decades. Hearing protection wasn’t manly, recommended, or accessible during those times. In addition, hearing damage is insidious and accumulative. You know, you don’t hear what you don’t hear. Kimberly showed me the hearing graph of both ears, one worse than the other; neither were awful. But what I remember most was when she looked me in the eye and asked me the simplest of questions: “Do you want to hear better?”. I appeared hesitant as I was deciding how to respond. Then after thinking, I responded with a yes; and I’ll tell you why.

     The real reason for me to hear better using hearing aids is for the sanity of the many that speak to me, whether on the phone, in the kitchen, at a restaurant, or virtually anywhere. They get tired, annoyed, and irritated with me asking “What,” over, and over, and over again, day after day, week after week, and so on. That’s the unintentional effect that my dad had with the family for a couple of decades: unintentionally annoying us for ignoring the possibility of hearing aids. True, they are not a cure-all, a little inconvenient, especially if your hairless and wear glasses, like me . . . but the benefit to everyone else in my network, including myself, is well worth it.

     I’m a music fanatic too; I can finally hear the high tones. Kimberly was the catalyst for me making what seemed a difficult decision on my very first visit. She is so friendly and fun, has an awesome sense of humor, and has an abundance of experience and qualifications. And when there is a hearing aid adjustment required, or I have a concern, I just call, make an appointment, and voila, Life is Good. Thank you, Kimberly; you led my family and me to a better life.

Thomas q.

Richmond, VA

November 2020

     I have had three appointments with Kimberly Felder at Clarity. I found her to be very friendly, knowledgeable and committed to the best interest of the client. She creates a comfortable situation for clients. I am now enjoying my new hearing aids and look forward to continued service with Clarity for my hearing needs.

Joyce h.

Colonial Heights, VA

October 2020

      Kimberly, thank you so much for the wonderful experience selecting my husband’s hearing aids! You made it so easy for us and WHAT A DIFFERENCE it has made already!! Thank you for being so kind and considerate over and above being so knowledgeable!!


October 2020

     I went to Clarity Hearing, thinking, “it’s not going to work, and it’s a waste of money.” Well, let me tell you I can hear better than I ever had; it’s not two speakers in my ears. Mrs. Felder is the best, no pressure at all. Thanks to her, I can hear again.


Chester, VA

October 2020

     Today my Aunt had an appointment with Clarity Hearing. The customer service was top notch. Kimberly was so patient with my Aunt, and she made sure we understood everything that was happening. She also made sure that my Aunt didn’t have to come out of pocket. I would highly recommend Clarity Hearing.


September 2020

     Thank you for giving me back the life of hearing back. My son & husband are also so happy to not have to yell at me to just have a conversation. You have a wonderful gift. I have had hearing aids in the past, but nobody has ever taken the time to talk to or explain things to me like you did. You also did 2 tests that nobody else has ever done before. Thank you again.


July 2020

     Kimberly at Clarity Hearing is AMAZING! She gently guided my Mom, who didn’t think she needed hearing aids, into trying and purchasing a very affordable pair! My Mom told me yesterday that she didn’t realize how bad her hearing was. Well, we all did! It gives me peace of mind knowing that she’s happier and safer with these hearing aids. Thank you so much, Kim. The whole experience with you was wonderful!


July 2020

    I had a great experience with Kimberly Felder, the owner of Clarity Hearing! Very professional and clean office, and Kimberly was super helpful! I highly recommend her services!!


July 2020

Very knowledgeable, caring, and generous.


June 2020

   Oh my God, I can hear more clearly. And easier to understand what the person is saying. Such a great experience to hear clearly. I can not wait to put my hearing aids in the next morning. They are the best – it changed my life for the best.
Thank you so much, Kimberly.


Richmond, VA

June 2020

     I have worked with Kimberly Felder on several occasions, and she is very professional, and, honestly, I look forward to continuing to work with her.


April 2020

     Kimberly took so much time with my parents explaining and testing, so they understood the process. She genuinely cares about her clients well being. There is no reason to be left out of conversations again. And if you are a vet, you need to let her check and adjust your hearing aids.


February 2020

     Kimberly is the ultimate professional. She still believes in placing greater attention on customer satisfaction instead of the total of the invoice. I highly recommend her and her integrity on many levels.


February 2020

     When My partner & I first went to see Kimberly Felder at her Newport News office of Clarity Hearing. I was completely taken by how simple and straight forward with me Kimberly was. She explained what I had lost and WHY I had lost it! Who knew you could forget sounds? She was very honest and completely transparent during the entire process. She especially made the hassles with insurance almost non-existent. Kimberly is an amazing professional with over 30 years in this field; And yet, if you ask a question that she doesn’t know the answer to? She says she doesn’t know but will try to find out. IMHO she is the best Virginia has to offer.


February 2020

     I had an appointment with Kimberly today. She was delightful and very thorough. I would recommend her to everyone.


January 2020

     Kimberly is very professional and provides quality service.


November 2019

     If you did not hear, Kimberly Felder is the best in the business. Then you need some hearing aids. See Kimberly Felder at Clarity hearing! She is loving, caring, and will treat you right.


October 2019

     Kimberly is caring. Will go out of her way to make sure you get the best care and products. Very affordable.


September 2019

I love Clarity Hearing!

     Kimberly is a knowledgeable professional that provides excellent service to her clients. She is compassionate and takes pride in problem-solving to meet the client’s needs. I have personally had an appointment with Kimberly, and she thoroughly explained my questions. I highly recommend the services of Clarity Hearing!


September 2019

     Kimberly does an amazing job and is an extremely valuable asset to our community for affordable hearing aids and support!


September 2019

     Great service. Great price. Kimberly is Awesome!


July 2019

     Kimberly, I truly believe that amazing people enter our lives for a reason. And I have to say that you are one of those people! I can’t thank you enough for being so patient and supporting during my journey of hearing for the first time… especially those birds singing & chirping in the morning!


August 2017

     This ‘thank you’ is long overdue. Please know that I respect your professionalism and admire the personal attention you show your clients. Without your intervention, … I would not be enjoying my much improved Moxi hearing devices. It’s important to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.


June 2016

     Thanks. It seems such a small word for all you have done. It feels good to have a person that goes to any length to help with hearing problems. Not only are you excellent in your profession, but [you are] also a real genuine and caring person.


June 2015

     I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I am enjoying the new hearing aids that I purchased from you earlier this year and what a difference they are making to my quality of life. It is a rewarding experience to be able to hear speech much more clearly and to be able to distinguish all of the words instead of just some of them. My wife certainly is enjoying not having to repeat everything she says to me and be able to watch TV without having the volume turned up to a level that rattles the windows.

     Probably the most remarkable result of my new hearing level is being able to hear and understand conversations in a public environment with a lot of background noise, such as noise in a restaurant. It is also apparent that I am now hearing some sounds that I did not realize I was missing before I acquired the new hearing aids. I want to thank you personally for helping me to select the quality hearing devices that are most appropriate for my specific needs and for committing the time and patience to properly fit them and explain their usage and care to me.

     Based on my experience with your efforts in these areas, and the new quality of my hearing, I will readily recommend you and your products to anyone with hearing enhancement needs.


November 2012

     Your kindness is so special, and so are you. Hearing aids are working fine. I really appreciate your patience in working with me.


October 2012

     Thank you so very much for coming to [our facility] and testing the seniors and advising them. You are soo good at what you do and so honest. Personally, you are a delight to be around. Good Luck to you always! How nice of you to do something so special! Thank you!


August 2012

     This past Tuesday, I met you for the first time in Hampton to have my hearing aids adjusted. I recited my tale of woe about being disappointed because my hearing aids didn’t really help enough to warrant my wearing them very much. You spent time educating me as to the benefit of wearing them every day so that my auditory nerve would be stimulated, and slowly I would regain some of my natural ability to hear. You also reset all the levels and added some cues to help me adjust the power as needed.

     I have to tell you; by the end of the day, I just couldn’t believe that I had the same device in my ears! You obviously are very skilled at what you do, and I’m sure you are an asset to your [profession] as well as your clients. Thank you so much for helping me. I once again feel like I’m part of whatever conversation I find myself in.


April 2012

   I would like to thank you for your help in my recent purchase of two BTE hearing aids. I saw in the newspaper that your company was offering reasonable prices on high tech digital hearing aids. Several years ago, I had purchased expensive hearing aids from a different company, which were very unsatisfactory as they had to be made over seven times and still did not work properly. I was very impressed with your professionalism and your understanding of my hearing problem. I am very happy with my quality hearing aids, and the price was very reasonable. Again, I want to thank you for your help, and I look forward to working with you in the future.


March 2012

     It was a pleasure dealing with you. You have the patience and personality we appreciate when fitting hearing aids. See you in 2011!

Bob & Florence

October 2010